My Loyal Companion!

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I am blessed every day without fail I always have my loyal companion next to me. Currently as I write she is snuggled next to my leg lightly snoring. Not only does it feel warm but just the sound of her pleasantly sleeping gives me a sense of devotion and support while I write. Many have met this beautiful brindle love and immediately fall in love with her. She is my loyal doggie Lu Lu Bella or just Lu for short. This has to be one of my favorite moments of her through out the day every day.

My favorite has to be when I take Lu on a car ride. Usually we just take the boys to and from school. But when she is sitting in the front seat and the window is down she is either looking straight ahead like she is really human or her dog comes out when she sticks her head out the window and just letting the wind flap her ears. The sun glistening on her dog fur almost looks like she is an angel doggie.

Lu helps remind me each day what type of support we humans really need and want. She also reminds me what pleasure really means just enjoying the simple gifts that the Mother Earth provides us can be the best. If you have a loyal companion like I do give them an extra scratch or pet from me. And remember life is short for all of us so enjoy each moment with your loyal companion.



Sun on My Face!

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As always by living in New York you really have two types of weather WINTER (lots of it) and Summer. Being from the sweet peach state called Georgia I have an issue with Winter and especially not ever having a Fall or Spring. It is a bit of a bummer. However, today was just amazing!

I love the sun and lots of it. This week thank goodness we finally have been reintroduced to Mr. Sun since this past winter was not only well rough but extremely on the long end. I hate to admit it but when Mr. Groundhog came out I was sooo excited that he proclaimed an early Spring. Well the cute darn animal was obviously wrong and finally after even experiencing snow just a couple of weeks ago the sun is now winning the battle.

Today was 80 Degrees! I was soooo happy that I even put on my flip flopas to wear to pick up the boys. While I was walking to pick up the youngest I closed my eyes (yes sometimes I walk with my eyes closed) and just let the sun beat me down on the face. It felt like pure bliss just warmth and pleasure. This little moment of solace made my whole day. Just receiving a natural vitamin D glaze all over. Even my hair was ecstatic and currently is looking better than ever.

These tiny moments of stopping and smelling the roses or in my case walk blind and let the sun hit my face is really what life is about enjoying these blissful moments when the time presents itself.

A Drink of wine and a lovely episode of Rosemary and Thyme

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After a day of a lot of success really due to just accomplishing many tasks ranging from small to large. It is time for me to sit back and have a beautiful glass of wine and watch one of my favorite british shows Rosemary and Thyme. These two ladies are just rockin’ awesome. They actually give me a since of per bliss of thinking that at any age you can be just plan fun. If you do not know the show it is a mystery themed show with two crack pot, 50s age women who are talented in not only solving crime but really in designing and building gorgeous gardens. So you get a twofer a mystery and also seeing “words that cannot describe” breath taking zen gardens around England.

I know many people are afraid to grow old! I am not sure how I was blessed with this feeling but I look forward and embrace getting old daily. I feel like I am getting wiser and actually know a few things. I am of course open to always learning and actually looking at another path educationally . I want to learn and read till the day I pass away and go on my next adventure. So with the wine and watching an inspiration show helps me feel like not only will I accomplish all that I want to do but also already feel successful with a great day.

The best part is my loyal companion is always next to me while I am enjoying my bliss too. Even if she is asleep at least she is here snuggling with me on the couch.

Am I a Mother!?!

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On a day to day bases I take care of two very beautiful boys.

Meaning I wake them up, make their breakfast, pack lunch and lunch supplements (my oldest now eats two lunches every day) and drop them off at school – pending on the day each boy gets dropped off at early times for some type of music class. That is just the morning!

By the afternoon (still trying to figure this out these boys go to a school system that only keeps them in school for 6 hours and that is including a 45m lunch) I pick them up and we rush home to have our private instrument lessons that of course I instruct and while one is getting their lesson the other is doing homework. When we are done with instrument lessons if we have the time I help with whatever homework needs are needed. At least once a week I am tutoring my oldest in math due to his teacher only teaching half lessons and my son is very brilliant in math but even the brightest cannot learn anything with half lessons. After all this I take them to whatever their activities are that day bring them home and make dinner. We finish and/or go over any homework that is needed and normally right after that is the time to go for health time (bath, lotionize, teeth, etc). Off to bed to read and 10m before going to bed I read devotional. That is the gist of a typical week and even though it sounds like a lot. I have seen tons of improvement with the boys with this type of help and instructing coming from me. I am not even just talking about grades (which both are very successful), I mean taking care of themselves health wise, using manners, being respectful, having drive, making goals and even helping more around the house.

The issue is even though I did not birth these two boys. Am I a Mother!?! I want to make it clear they have a mother and I am not wanting them to call me mother or anything close to that. Personally I love it that they call me Jen. That is my name and I really love my birth name. However, I have been battling lately mentally am I truly a mother and am I truly their mother. I do not like the term step-mother nor part time mother. If any of you know me when I do something I truly do it with all my heart and soul. That is probably why I could never really work part-time. I really want to know and I need to come to terms is am I really these boys mother? Deep down I know I am and just from these boys actions I know they treat me like a mother. The other day the youngest and I were having a discussion and I told him per blank that I knew he was mad at me but I was pushing him to his maximum potential. His response was the best, “I am not mad at you! You are my hero.” If that does not say it I do not know what. The oldest lately has even been showing more actions of helping around the house doing the dishes and making up his own bed. He stated that he was thankful for me being in his life and wanted to help me out more.

I guess I just answered my own question I am a mother and if this is what motherhood is really like….I really love it. It is one of the best jobs I have ever had so far in my life.

Angel Monsters vs FOOD Part 2

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Part 2 of Children’s book!

Why are the angel monsters against food? No one knows!

Angel Momster however was determined to put an end to no food attitude! She knew this was not going to be easy but had to be done because food is GREAT!

At first she started with small portions so all they had to do was take one bite of rice or two bites of black beans or even just two slices of pears. Never more than three bites.

Of course they both made ugly faces of grossness. But the most important was they ate the food.

The second was Angel Momster got both Angel Monsters to start counting how many fruits and vegetables they ate per day and the goal was to eat five. They each thought of this as a game of who could eat their five first!

It was a slow start with the faces but before they knew it within a few months they were eating Lasagna, tacos, cucumbers, peppers, etc. And loving the sensation in their mouths and their tummy’s feeling good.

The best part they were eating up to 8 fruits and vegetables and feeling sooo healthy. Also enjoying all the meal times and trying new food!

Angel Momster was the one who learned the most and that is to never give up on your little Angel Monsters! They always will teach you new things about life every day.


For Angel Monsters:

Never be afraid of food and always try new foods at least a bite!

For Angel Momsters:

Never give up on your Angel Monsters and remember if you do not teach them about food who will?

Now is the time to illustrate the book and get tons of kids to read it! Tell me what you think!


Scream and Scream Loud! Solution Baking for me!

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Lately I have been having a difficult time mentally. I try to be a positive and happy person. However, struggling all the time and feeling like am I ever getting anywhere is weighing me down.

So my advice Scream and Scream Loud and then do something that you love that will make a positive effect for you. The past two hours I have been baking and cooking. Already on the counter is about a dozen hot blue berry muffins, a dozen brownies with freshly shaved chocolate on top, and right now in the oven is a huge glass pan filled with a yummy, cheesy Lasagna. I have to say baking does something to me. It really calms me and helps me feel like I have accomplished much for my boys and me!

As one of my pieces last week states. Don’t give up! ┬áThe minute you give up the depression and sadness will over take you. Try to live every day the fullest you can if you can only do laundry that day than do laundry if you can bake do it. If you can write that master piece than do it. Just don’t ever think you are not doing enough. You are doing amazing and I am proud of you.

Remember to smile and add a little glitter to your lips!


Angel Monsters vs. FOOD! Part 1

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I am currently writing a children’s story and will be posting parts of it on the blog. Here is part one just to give you a taste.

Have a great white, snowy day!



This is a story about the Angel Monsters! Who are the Angel Monsters you may ask? And Why may you ask are they even called the Angel Monsters?

Well the Angel Monsters are truly special and have very many gifts. They are sweet, generous, loving which represents their angel side. Fun, adventurous, cuddly that represents their monster side.

On top of all those amazing qualities they are also extremely talented. They both love building crazy buildings and creating new types of creatures.

Playing musical instruments and creating and writing new music together.

Reading all the time to learn and discover each day.

Out of all those gifts and talents my favorite is they love to make other monsters laugh and tell jokes with all different types of accents.

Scottish, British, German, Jewish, Brooklyn, Southern….you name it they can do it.

However, their only problem is a distaste for Food…..