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Scream and Scream Loud! Solution Baking for me!

Posted in Uncategorized on March 11, 2013 by jenupchurchblog

Lately I have been having a difficult time mentally. I try to be a positive and happy person. However, struggling all the time and feeling like am I ever getting anywhere is weighing me down.

So my advice Scream and Scream Loud and then do something that you love that will make a positive effect for you. The past two hours I have been baking and cooking. Already on the counter is about a dozen hot blue berry muffins, a dozen brownies with freshly shaved chocolate on top, and right now in the oven is a huge glass pan filled with a yummy, cheesy Lasagna. I have to say baking does something to me. It really calms me and helps me feel like I have accomplished much for my boys and me!

As one of my pieces last week states. Don’t give up! ┬áThe minute you give up the depression and sadness will over take you. Try to live every day the fullest you can if you can only do laundry that day than do laundry if you can bake do it. If you can write that master piece than do it. Just don’t ever think you are not doing enough. You are doing amazing and I am proud of you.

Remember to smile and add a little glitter to your lips!



Angel Monsters vs. FOOD! Part 1

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I am currently writing a children’s story and will be posting parts of it on the blog. Here is part one just to give you a taste.

Have a great white, snowy day!



This is a story about the Angel Monsters! Who are the Angel Monsters you may ask? And Why may you ask are they even called the Angel Monsters?

Well the Angel Monsters are truly special and have very many gifts. They are sweet, generous, loving which represents their angel side. Fun, adventurous, cuddly that represents their monster side.

On top of all those amazing qualities they are also extremely talented. They both love building crazy buildings and creating new types of creatures.

Playing musical instruments and creating and writing new music together.

Reading all the time to learn and discover each day.

Out of all those gifts and talents my favorite is they love to make other monsters laugh and tell jokes with all different types of accents.

Scottish, British, German, Jewish, Brooklyn, Southern….you name it they can do it.

However, their only problem is a distaste for Food…..

Am I Successful?

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As most days start when I wake up. I am happy to be alive and have a ton of work to do and many items to accomplish by just 8:30am. I always feel like “Yeah!” when I have both boys at school on time, fed, dressed, homework ready to be turned in on time, instruments packed up and lunch, snack, any food item needed during school packed. We even have drop off on a happy note saying sweet words of have a great glittery day and I love you sooo much and sooo proud of you. You would think any person would be like wow go you!

However, due to the fact that I am an artist and feel accomplished when I am doing art, also comes the feeling am I successful person? The many items I accomplish every day for my family, my work, etc. I still feel like I am a loser. That I am not at the level of success that I should be at. I am a talented person and a good person. In many ways I have done more than I ever thought I would such as illustrate a book, have not one sculpture but 5 sculptures in 4 different years display in New York City, and I have been given the luxury to travel all over and perform. Many people say due to their laziness that is why but I know I am not even close to being lazy and I definitely know I am not a diva so what is wrong with me and what do I need to do to get to the next level?

My solution is first off nothing is wrong with me! I just need to keep persevering and believing in myself. By making small goals each day and accomplishing the goals will get me closer to my ultimate goal. I will keep painting and writing a little each day and before I know it I will be where I want to be!

Folks: Key words today believe in yourself with tons of glitter all over! In my eyes you are already a success!




Surprising Days!

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Each day brings a new surprise in life! You get a little older and a little smarter. You may go so far to even think you have figured out how to live on the planet Earth and even go so far as to say “Hey I got this!”. You are immediately slapped in the face and realize you are still young and learning when a huge mistake arrives on your morning plate while enjoying that wonderful hot cup of coffee your huuuusband so kindly made just for you. But you can look at a bad situation in two different ways.

Situation A: Go climb into bed and be depressed hiding under the covers. Never taking responsibility for what you should be doing.

Situation B: Take a deep breath and say I can do this. Like the “Little Engine that Could”. Nothing will beat me down.

Life is literally a game by the way. So look at problems like it is part of a game and when problems a rise such as not enough money in the bank to pay bills. Just say “Nothing will beat me down”! I can survive whatever is thrown at me and I will win this game called life.

Have a sparkle and a dash of positivity with it a side of Glittler!