Angel Monsters vs. FOOD! Part 1

I am currently writing a children’s story and will be posting parts of it on the blog. Here is part one just to give you a taste.

Have a great white, snowy day!



This is a story about the Angel Monsters! Who are the Angel Monsters you may ask? And Why may you ask are they even called the Angel Monsters?

Well the Angel Monsters are truly special and have very many gifts. They are sweet, generous, loving which represents their angel side. Fun, adventurous, cuddly that represents their monster side.

On top of all those amazing qualities they are also extremely talented. They both love building crazy buildings and creating new types of creatures.

Playing musical instruments and creating and writing new music together.

Reading all the time to learn and discover each day.

Out of all those gifts and talents my favorite is they love to make other monsters laugh and tell jokes with all different types of accents.

Scottish, British, German, Jewish, Brooklyn, Southern….you name it they can do it.

However, their only problem is a distaste for Food…..


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