Scream and Scream Loud! Solution Baking for me!

Lately I have been having a difficult time mentally. I try to be a positive and happy person. However, struggling all the time and feeling like am I ever getting anywhere is weighing me down.

So my advice Scream and Scream Loud and then do something that you love that will make a positive effect for you. The past two hours I have been baking and cooking. Already on the counter is about a dozen hot blue berry muffins, a dozen brownies with freshly shaved chocolate on top, and right now in the oven is a huge glass pan filled with a yummy, cheesy Lasagna. I have to say baking does something to me. It really calms me and helps me feel like I have accomplished much for my boys and me!

As one of my pieces last week states. Don’t give up!  The minute you give up the depression and sadness will over take you. Try to live every day the fullest you can if you can only do laundry that day than do laundry if you can bake do it. If you can write that master piece than do it. Just don’t ever think you are not doing enough. You are doing amazing and I am proud of you.

Remember to smile and add a little glitter to your lips!



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