Angel Monsters vs FOOD Part 2

Part 2 of Children’s book!

Why are the angel monsters against food? No one knows!

Angel Momster however was determined to put an end to no food attitude! She knew this was not going to be easy but had to be done because food is GREAT!

At first she started with small portions so all they had to do was take one bite of rice or two bites of black beans or even just two slices of pears. Never more than three bites.

Of course they both made ugly faces of grossness. But the most important was they ate the food.

The second was Angel Momster got both Angel Monsters to start counting how many fruits and vegetables they ate per day and the goal was to eat five. They each thought of this as a game of who could eat their five first!

It was a slow start with the faces but before they knew it within a few months they were eating Lasagna, tacos, cucumbers, peppers, etc. And loving the sensation in their mouths and their tummy’s feeling good.

The best part they were eating up to 8 fruits and vegetables and feeling sooo healthy. Also enjoying all the meal times and trying new food!

Angel Momster was the one who learned the most and that is to never give up on your little Angel Monsters! They always will teach you new things about life every day.


For Angel Monsters:

Never be afraid of food and always try new foods at least a bite!

For Angel Momsters:

Never give up on your Angel Monsters and remember if you do not teach them about food who will?

Now is the time to illustrate the book and get tons of kids to read it! Tell me what you think!



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