Am I a Mother!?!

On a day to day bases I take care of two very beautiful boys.

Meaning I wake them up, make their breakfast, pack lunch and lunch supplements (my oldest now eats two lunches every day) and drop them off at school – pending on the day each boy gets dropped off at early times for some type of music class. That is just the morning!

By the afternoon (still trying to figure this out these boys go to a school system that only keeps them in school for 6 hours and that is including a 45m lunch) I pick them up and we rush home to have our private instrument lessons that of course I instruct and while one is getting their lesson the other is doing homework. When we are done with instrument lessons if we have the time I help with whatever homework needs are needed. At least once a week I am tutoring my oldest in math due to his teacher only teaching half lessons and my son is very brilliant in math but even the brightest cannot learn anything with half lessons. After all this I take them to whatever their activities are that day bring them home and make dinner. We finish and/or go over any homework that is needed and normally right after that is the time to go for health time (bath, lotionize, teeth, etc). Off to bed to read and 10m before going to bed I read devotional. That is the gist of a typical week and even though it sounds like a lot. I have seen tons of improvement with the boys with this type of help and instructing coming from me. I am not even just talking about grades (which both are very successful), I mean taking care of themselves health wise, using manners, being respectful, having drive, making goals and even helping more around the house.

The issue is even though I did not birth these two boys. Am I a Mother!?! I want to make it clear they have a mother and I am not wanting them to call me mother or anything close to that. Personally I love it that they call me Jen. That is my name and I really love my birth name. However, I have been battling lately mentally am I truly a mother and am I truly their mother. I do not like the term step-mother nor part time mother. If any of you know me when I do something I truly do it with all my heart and soul. That is probably why I could never really work part-time. I really want to know and I need to come to terms is am I really these boys mother? Deep down I know I am and just from these boys actions I know they treat me like a mother. The other day the youngest and I were having a discussion and I told him per blank that I knew he was mad at me but I was pushing him to his maximum potential. His response was the best, “I am not mad at you! You are my hero.” If that does not say it I do not know what. The oldest lately has even been showing more actions of helping around the house doing the dishes and making up his own bed. He stated that he was thankful for me being in his life and wanted to help me out more.

I guess I just answered my own question I am a mother and if this is what motherhood is really like….I really love it. It is one of the best jobs I have ever had so far in my life.


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