A Drink of wine and a lovely episode of Rosemary and Thyme

After a day of a lot of success really due to just accomplishing many tasks ranging from small to large. It is time for me to sit back and have a beautiful glass of wine and watch one of my favorite british shows Rosemary and Thyme. These two ladies are just rockin’ awesome. They actually give me a since of per bliss of thinking that at any age you can be just plan fun. If you do not know the show it is a mystery themed show with two crack pot, 50s age women who are talented in not only solving crime but really in designing and building gorgeous gardens. So you get a twofer a mystery and also seeing “words that cannot describe” breath taking zen gardens around England.

I know many people are afraid to grow old! I am not sure how I was blessed with this feeling but I look forward and embrace getting old daily. I feel like I am getting wiser and actually know a few things. I am of course open to always learning and actually looking at another path educationally . I want to learn and read till the day I pass away and go on my next adventure. So with the wine and watching an inspiration show helps me feel like not only will I accomplish all that I want to do but also already feel successful with a great day.

The best part is my loyal companion is always next to me while I am enjoying my bliss too. Even if she is asleep at least she is here snuggling with me on the couch.


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