Sun on My Face!

As always by living in New York you really have two types of weather WINTER (lots of it) and Summer. Being from the sweet peach state called Georgia I have an issue with Winter and especially not ever having a Fall or Spring. It is a bit of a bummer. However, today was just amazing!

I love the sun and lots of it. This week thank goodness we finally have been reintroduced to Mr. Sun since this past winter was not only well rough but extremely on the long end. I hate to admit it but when Mr. Groundhog came out I was sooo excited that he proclaimed an early Spring. Well the cute darn animal was obviously wrong and finally after even experiencing snow just a couple of weeks ago the sun is now winning the battle.

Today was 80 Degrees! I was soooo happy that I even put on my flip flopas to wear to pick up the boys. While I was walking to pick up the youngest I closed my eyes (yes sometimes I walk with my eyes closed) and just let the sun beat me down on the face. It felt like pure bliss just warmth and pleasure. This little moment of solace made my whole day. Just receiving a natural vitamin D glaze all over. Even my hair was ecstatic and currently is looking better than ever.

These tiny moments of stopping and smelling the roses or in my case walk blind and let the sun hit my face is really what life is about enjoying these blissful moments when the time presents itself.


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