My Loyal Companion!

I am blessed every day without fail I always have my loyal companion next to me. Currently as I write she is snuggled next to my leg lightly snoring. Not only does it feel warm but just the sound of her pleasantly sleeping gives me a sense of devotion and support while I write. Many have met this beautiful brindle love and immediately fall in love with her. She is my loyal doggie Lu Lu Bella or just Lu for short. This has to be one of my favorite moments of her through out the day every day.

My favorite has to be when I take Lu on a car ride. Usually we just take the boys to and from school. But when she is sitting in the front seat and the window is down she is either looking straight ahead like she is really human or her dog comes out when she sticks her head out the window and just letting the wind flap her ears. The sun glistening on her dog fur almost looks like she is an angel doggie.

Lu helps remind me each day what type of support we humans really need and want. She also reminds me what pleasure really means just enjoying the simple gifts that the Mother Earth provides us can be the best. If you have a loyal companion like I do give them an extra scratch or pet from me. And remember life is short for all of us so enjoy each moment with your loyal companion.



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